• Tigger – Toes Pose & Slow Stocking Tease

    Two clips in one! 1) Tigger is adorable, and her feet are sexy. In this clip she starts out with a nice big smile as she sits on the bed. You get a nice toe tops view before she rolls over onto her stomach, and assumes the POSE. Now you get a nice close up view of her cute feet, and sexy toes curled. We roll around to the side for a profile before zooming in on those soft soles. This beauty ends in a nice smiling Tigger, and feet in the background. Perfection! — 2) Tigger is an adorable 20 year old who is a quick learner. After a few sets, she knew EXACTLY how to tease her foot loving fans. In this clip, she starts out in a pair of white sheer stockings. You get a lot of toe flexing, curling, and wiggling while in the stockings. After a good amount of teasing, she then begins inching off her stockings. After getting the first foot free of the stocking. You get some more close ups of toe flexing. She then moves on to the next one. After getting the other off. She puts her feet together, and lifts up her feet so you get a nice sole close up. She then points her toes. Tigger does this a few times before ending in a wide shot, and nice smile. Lovely.

    Tigger - Toes Pose & Slow Stocking Tease

  • Stocking Lovin – Sasha & Toni

    This is a nice set for those who have been asking for the return of our true foot worshippers, and some good stocking licking. Toni has a foot fetish, and it shows. Much the same Sasha enjoys having her feet worshipped. The noise she makes, along with her facial expressions more than show that. So anyways, these two have never been paired together before, and it’s the return of old favorite Toni. Sasha is waiting on her friend, who doesn’t keep her waiting. Knowing there are some new feet in need of worship. Toni comes in, gets comfortable and gets right down to business. Sucking on Sasha’s stocking clad toes. Even licking and working that stocking sole with her tongue.. Toni peels off Sasha’s stockings, and licks between her toes. As well as working each toe on both feet. Sasha is definately loving it. Which seems to be the common consensus when new girls work with Toni. Toni switches up feet. Frist working that stocking clad foot before removing the stocking, and getting in some tongue on bare toes action.. Now it’s Toni’s turn to have Sasha at her feet. Sasha wastes no time getting down toe business. Licking on her toes and soles, before taking Toni’s toes in her mouth. She switches up feet, making sure every toe is sucked, and both girls are in foot lovin heaven. Another nice one from our returning ladies!

    Stocking Lovin - Sasha & Toni

  • Chelsea – Sock Strip & Pose

    Chelsea starts out in a pair of knee high socks, and slowly peels them off each foot. She then rolls over onto her stomach, and assumes THE POSE. Plenty of nice toe curling, and sole shots of her long skinny feet, and toes. This was Chelsea’s first set ever with us, and you can tell she is nervous, but pulls it over nicely.

    Chelsea - Sock Strip & Pose

  • Jillian – Stocking Tease

    In this steamy stocking tease Jillian knows how to work it. She starts out bare foot and I zoom in for some nice wiggling toe close ups before she starts rolling up the nude colors sheer stockings and slides them over her toes. I zoom in for a close up and follow her up the leg. Jillian then pulls on the toe of her stocking, and smooths them out on her leg. She moves on to the next leg and you get some more nice shots with and without stockings. She then stands up and straightens out her stockings on each leg. You get some nice toe pointing and ending this in a big beautiful smile. scha-WING!

    Jillian - Stocking Tease

  • Alexis – Soles & Sandals

    Two clips in one! 1) Remember back in school, when you would sit behind one of the hottest, or any girl, in class and she would kick off her shoes, and give you a toe wiggling, sole show leaving you about to explode in your pants? Well that is how this clip starts out. Alexis tucks her feet behind the chair, and curls her toes with a nice view of her soft soles. You get a floor view of her feet under the chair, and toes spreading and curling before she puts them up on the table. Alexis props both feet up in YOUR FACE, and then continues to spread and curl her toes. Cross her legs, and generally tease you. Some nice close ups of her freshly painted toes, ending with a sole, and face view complete with smile ;) — 2) Alexis was enjoying a lovely day out on the deck in between sets. We pan down to get a look of her sexy feet, and hot pink toes in her sandals. She then kicks them off, and puts her feet up on the table. You get a nice close up shot of those mouth watering soles before I roll around for a top down look. I love those hot pink toes! She then rubs her feet together, and wiggles her toes a bit before a switch back around for another look at those sexy soft soles. Alexis ends it in a big smile!

    Alexis - Soles & Sandals

  • Renee – Stocking Teases

    Two clips in one! 1) Sexy Renee is wearing a white pair of sheer stockings. You get some nice close ups of her toe tops from above, and then her soles before she starts slowly removing them. First one, then the other. She occasionally pauses to rub her hands down her legs as she curls, and points her toes. Now, both stockings off. You get some more nice close ups of her feet bare, tops and soles before ending with a nice face shot. — 2) A nice slow tease for the stocking lovers. In this clip, Renee starts out barefoot. She runs the stocking between her bare toes before rolling up the stocking to put it on. You get a nice close up as she put the stocking on her toes, and inches it up her leg. Before moving on to the next leg, she does a little self footsies as we zoom in on those sexy feet. She rubs her feet together one bare, one stocking. She then moves on to the next leg, first running the stocking between her toes, and then inches on that stocking as well. Once both are on, she then continues rubbing those stocking clad toes together. We zoom in for a closer look at those toes in the stockings for some yum yum. Renee close this out with a wink and wave. Enjoy!

    Renee - Stocking Teases