• Fire Engine Foot Love – Amy & Mackenzie

    Mackenzie has just finished getting dressed up in her fancy dress, sheer white stockings, and red heels. We get a nice look at Ms Fancy all primped up. Amy comes in and comments on her shoes. Mackenzie then asks Amy to jump up on the bed. After some small talk while rubbing on Amy’s narrow feet, and long red toes. They go into her mouth. Mackenzie puts a nice loving lick on those fishnet covered long toes of Amy. Amy comments on her soft lips as Mackenzie inched off the stocking before swallowing down those long red toes… You get some KILLER WRINKLED SOLE IN YOUR FUCKING FACE foot worship as Mackenzie licks up and down the soles, and between those long toes as Amy watches in the background. This is only her second foot worship ever, so she is still getting used to a tongue on her toes. Amy gives as good as she gets as you find out when the two change places. Amy starts out slowly kissing on Mackenzie’s white stocking toes before whiffing down that CHOPPA of a plump big toe. She puts a good loving on those other tiny toes as you get some stocking sole in your face… Amy works slowly removes the stocking, and kisses down the leg of Mackenzie inching off the stocking and getting to those plump toes. She inhales that plump big toes, but gives even the other toes their due attention as well. She moves on to the next foot, and puts in some good love as you get some more IN YOUR FACE SOLE SHOTS with a more sexy worship. Amy does good in returning the foot worship on Mackenzie’s tootsies. After some good foot love they close out this steamy foot love with some kissing on one another. Delicious.


  • You Give Good Love – Rachelle & Renee

    Rachelle really seems to like these where she starts sleeping, or lying on the bed and the others come in to sample her feet. Maybe it gives her a rush, or she loves the concept of being asleep and having a tongue snaking between her toes, and licking up her soles. Regardless, we mixed in another per request. This time, Renee is coming in and notices those sexy feet. She gets to work as you know Renee can. This is another pair that can really worship a foot!! I love how Renee’s cheeks cave in from the pressure of sucking on those big toes. Renee also tries to take in more than one toes at a time before licking up the soft soles… She also does one my absolute favs, TAKING IN BOTH BIG TOES AT THE SAME TIME into her mouth and the way she works them in this clip is like I’ve never seen before. But it’s impressive on the DOUBLE BIG TOE SUCK. After some good loving, Rachelle switches it around. Getting to work on those white sheer stockings of Renee… Rachelle licks and sucks on the one foot, then the next before peeling off the stocking to get to Renee’s fire engine red fat toes. Rachelle then gobbles those things up whole… Rachelle makes her way to the second leg and peels that stocking off as well as she works some more foot magic. Renee is face down, and enjoying the feeling as you get some nice SOLE VIEWS throughout with hot foot loving to top it off with these two beauties!


  • Good Ole Foot Worship – Jessie, Misty & Sasha

    This is a hot clip. The girls are really into each other, as you can more than tell in this scene as they start out right from the get go. It starts out with Misty on the bad napping. Jessie and Sasha are having none of that. They jump on the bed, and in no time flat Misty’s toes are in their mouths. I have to admit the way the girls are working each other’s toes in this clip even gave ME a rise. Misty gets to enjoy the selfish treatment for a minute or so before this turns into a three way sucking fest… Jessie’s fishnet stock clad toes are sucked by Misty and Sasha as she works their feet, and you get a lot of licking and loving. Normally the girls do not get into the stocking foot love lick Sasha and Misty do, but as I said. These girls both on, and off camera, were toe-tally into one another. Head to toes you could say. You get a lot of nice lingering shots as they deep throat each other’s big toes, lick up and down the soles, and their tongue working between each toe. Misty and Sasha give those stocking toes of Jessie a good licking before peeling them off to get their salivating tongues on her bare feet… Now that Jessie’s toes are bare, Sasha slides over to join Misty in a TWO ON ONE FOOT sucking. It’s HOT watching these two working over Jessie’s plump pink toes. This just drives Jessie even more crazy as she devours their feet, and her tongue’s licking feverously. Watching the girls working each other’s big toes in itself is worth a look, but it’s a passionate foot loving fest as they end this kissing on each other a bit higher than their feet ;)


  • Triple Your Pleasure – Alexis, Renee & Rachelle

    This is another sexy clip from our lovely ladies you are sure to enjoy. In this clip we start out with Alexis lying on the bed, waiting on her roommates to come home. Renee and Rachelle walk in and can’t help but notice Alexis’s sexy feet, and hot pink toes. They get comfortable and begin sucking on her stocking covered toes and soles. After giving them a loving lick, they tear through her stockings to get to those sexy bare toes. Renee and Rachelle gobble down those big toes and the slurp from one side to the next with their tongue snaking between… Alexis wants in on the DOUBLE YOUR TOE TROUBLE and the attention turns to Rachelle. They chuckle about how ticklish her feet and then test it out with their tongue flicking on her soles, and between her toes. This is a KILLER angle as you get those soft soles RIGHT IN YOUR FACE as they give them on serious worship. The attention next turns to Renee as Rachelle and Alexis go to town returning the foot love… Renee enjoys a nice tongue bath from her roommates as they all received some good lickin’. Alexis grabs Rachelle’s feet, Renee grabs Alexis’s, and Rachelle continues working Renee’s as you get a nice long foot slurping THREE WAY foot loving session between these sexy foot lovers!! Not only do they worship those feet good, but you get it from a number of different angles from distant to close up as they work their foot worship magic to perfection!!!


  • Jersey & Marie – Tongue Pedicure

    Jersey needs to have her toes done, and luckily for her Marias available. Maria first works over Jersey long feet with her soft tongue. Sucking her toes, and licking up her soles… At certain times, because Jersey has long narrow feet and toes, it looks like Maria is trying to deep throat them. Maria is kissing on Jersey toes and soles before sucking on them as if she’s sucking off a… After Jersey tongue pedicure, Maria decides she likes her girlsfriends’ toes painted. So she pulls out a bottle of nail polish, and paints over her toes on by one… Lots of super close ups of Jersey toes as Maria carefully paints them. She then blows them dry, and kisses in her soles some more.


  • April & Chelsea – I Want Your Feet

    After walking into the bedroom, Chelsea throws April on the bed. She then gives her new girlfriend a quick rubbing over before she starts kissing and licking on her toes. In typical April style, her toes are spreading and curling throughout, which is AWESOME… Now the toe sucking picks up the pace as Chelsea start working April’s toes from big CHOPPA down to the pinky… Chelsea makes sure nothing is missed as she uses her fingers to spread April’s toes, and get her tongue between them. She then licks up April’s soft soles… She finishes up the other leg before kissing up to April’s stomach. She unzips her shirt, and kisses on her chest before kissing April. April then flips her over as it’s HER turn. She lifts Chelsea’s shirt, kissing on her stomach, and works her way down to Chelsea’s fire engine red long toes. Wasting no time, she puts her tongue to use… April is a bit rough I guess as Chelsea’s feet are ticklish, and numerous times through this you get Chelsea’s toes curling, spreading, wiggling as April sucks her feet. The sole shots of Chelsea, as she curls, and spreads her toes as April’s tongue work her soles is OUTSTANDING! The clip ends This clip has so much in it. This is one of those where I had a hard time trying to pick the best preview images. But it’s bound to hit the spot


  • True Toe Lovin – Jasmin & Renee

    Small talk turns to toe love with Jasmin and Renee. This is what I’ve been waiting for. A good toe sucker Renee working those soft smooth soles of Jasmin and her KILLER feet and hot red toes. Jasmin watches as her girlfriend licks and slurps on her sexy feet. Renee defines foot love as her tongue snakes between toes, and licking up soles… Renee also uses hot sucking action on Jasmin’s big toes. Nice. You can only imagine… Yeah. Jasmin is enjoying the tongue bath as you get the killer close ups, and soles in your face. Jasmin decides she wants to give it a try on Renee’s meaty soles, and plump toes. Renee loves having her soles slurped, and sucked. It shows in the background… You get some more of those killer views as Jasmin deep throats Renee’s plump big toes, and licks up and down her soles. She then switches up feet, and works the same magic on the next one with perfection. They close it out kissing on each other as a perfect closing to another steamy clip. Jasmin’s perfect feet are sucked to perfection! Don’t miss this.


  • Seduction Head 2 Toes – Monica & Allie

    Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, this is smokin’ hot. Monica returns, and bring the spice. Allie and her are getting frisky from the get go kissing on one another, Monica then pushes her on the bed and slowly kisses up her legs to her neck. They kiss some more. Monica then unbuttons Allie’s shirt, and kisses from her lips, to neck to stomach before lying her down and heading for the tootsies… Monica slowly works her way down to Allie’s soft feet and toes. Wasting no time, she gets to work licking between, and deep throating those big toes. She has some nice sexy talk between the girls, and more kissing and rubbing on Allie’s legs and stomach… Monica switches feet, and works her same magic foot loving with more loving from tootsies, to kissing up and down Allie before they switch it around. Allie kissing Monica on the lips, and neck. Working her way to her chest. She then unbuttons Monica’s shirt, and kisses down her chest, and stomach. Working her way to the tootsies… Monica gives her some sexy toe talk. Telling her how she likes is. Yeah, suck on my big toes, oh yeah. Do that again. Lick on my soles. You are making me wet. The sexy talk, action, skimpies. You are about to fucking pop!… Allie works on the next foot, and you get some nice wet soles. Monica keeps up the sexy talk while slowly rubbing her fingers on her chest, and stomach. The action is steamy, and the worship extremely passionate. You will not want to miss this seductive, steamy hot foot worship between these two beauties.


  • Take Three Toe Suckers… – Misty, Maria & Sasha

    … and put them together in a scene shooting the breeze, and before you know it. It’s hot foot worship action. That pretty much sums up this clip. If you have caught any scenes with Sasha, Misty, or Maria you know they can lick a sole, and suck a mean to the same way you would if lucky enough to be with them. What I love about Misty is when she came to us, she had never had her toes sucked by men, or women. Now she really gets into having them sucked, and returns just as graciously. She gets her feet worshipped by Maria, and Sasha. I love how Sasha grabs hold of her pinky, and big toe to spread them, and get her tongue between her toes as you get a nice IN YOUR FACE SOLE shot of the action… Sasha and Maria really work over those soft soles. Misty wants into the action, and the foot love turns to Sasha. She lays back as Misty and Maria grab a foot, and get to work sucking her feet. I noticed this in editing the clip that it’s almost like a mirror watching these two. One licks the sole, and then the other does. Same for sucking on toes. You see that a number of times through the scene with different girl combos… Odd as it is. The action is hot. They finish up Sasha’s feet before moving on to Maria and her fat toes. In that mirror thing, you get Sasha and Misty doing that again. They both have their tongues snaking between toes, licking all over Maria’s feet, and really sucking the hell out of those toes. You get some more of the pinky to big toe spread to get their tongue between them… Now some of my personal favorite shots as Misty slides over to share a foot with Sasha. One works the top, and the other the sole, and the passion these two put into worshipping that foot is truly impressive. You get some nice close ups, and different angles as they worship those Maria red fat toes. Maria gets frisky, and grabs Sasha’s foot before breaking into a three way lovefest. you get a lot of nice close ups and looks at each girl as she is working a foot, and at one point Sasha has a foot of both her girlfriends, and sucking on both of their feet in a killer close up before ending in a three way kiss. YUMMY!


  • Foot Lickin Threesome – Maria, Monica & Toni

    Maria is napping on the bed when in walk frisky foot lovers Monica and Toni. Now you know by now, they leave no good foot unlicked ;) . They slowly peel off Marias stocks, and begin licking and kissing on her soles and toes… As Marias face down, there is plenty of licking on her soles, and sucking on her toes… Even the baby toe gets some loving. They then flip Maria over to get a better angle. The toe sucking gets a bit more fierce as these two really get into licking and sucking on Marias size 8 and half feet… Now the soles are right in your face from camera view as you get to see Marias facial expressions as these two work their tongue between her toes, and lick up and down her feet. The scene ends in a three way kiss. For those of you who e-mail us always looking for more licking of soles and toes. Here’s a clip for you!!