• Hot Toes – Rachelle & Mackenzie

    It’s the best way to describe Mackenzie and Rachelle’s toes to me. Very different feet in the way they are proportioned, but both turn my crank. Even moreso watching them get sucks. Both have chubby short toes perfect for the lickin’, and they do plenty of it. After some minor chit chat Mackenzie has an idea in mind for Rachelle, and her toes. In no time they are in her mouth. It had been awhile since Mackenzie had done a set for us, but she hasn’t lost a step. Working her tongue up and down Rachelle’s soles, and sucking on her toes… You get some nice IN YOUR FACE sole close ups, as well as up close toe sucking as Mackenzie works her magic. Now it’s Rachelle’s turn to return the foot loving. Mackenzie gets comfortable, and she gets toe work on those tiny toes. Rachelle sucks a mean toe, and leaves no part unlicked or unsucked… Rachelle changes position so you get a better view of the foot loving, as well as my personal favorite. Soles being licked, toes being sucked, and a face reaction shot in the background. Nothing like an IN YOUR FACE shot to make you feel like you are right there in the action. I definitely wish I wasn’t behind the camera and could jump in myself. Enjoy!


  • Frisky Foot Realtor – Monica & Allie

    Frisky realtor Monica is showing Allie a house. Allie is liking what she sees, and so is Monica. But it has nothing to do with the house. She puts down her book, and starts coming on to Allie. She is a little caught off guard as Monica gets her in personal space, and is trying to kiss her. Monica wastes no time in her foot seduction, or persuasion as she gets Allie up on the table… Once on the table, Monica gets to licking on Allie’s stocking clad tootsies. You get a lot of nice passionate foot licking, and sucking in this clip. Monica really knows how to persuade her victims, er, I mean clients. After some hot stocking love, she kisses her way up Allie’s leg, and into her crotch before peeling off her stocking and working back down to her toes before more passionate bare toe sucking ensues… Monica then works her way up to the top of Allie’s second stocking. Peeling that one off as well, and now working her toe magic on both feet. Hot passion on the toe sucking, and a lot of licking up the arch, sole, across the toes, and in between. Nothing is missed… Monica finishes up, but now Allie is frisky for foot love. She gets on Monica on the table and wastes no time working those big toes. You get some nice gobbling down of that choppa before removing the stocking, and working them bare… Allie then moves on to the next foot, and repeats. The whole time you have sexy Monica’s voice telling her how she likes her toes sucked, and what to do. That alone is enough to give you lift off. Monica flexes her toes, and spreads them so Allie’s tongue can get in between for maximum foot loving. They close it out kissing. Steamy foot loving from beginning to end you will not wanna miss!


  • Forced Feetsies – Ashley, Summer & Maria

    Summer has a little something to discuss with Ashley. Namely the dishes not getting done. Summer has just the way to get her to make up for it. She forced Ashley down on her knees and tells her to suck her feet. Ashley’s a little nervous at first, but Summer keeps reminding her that she did not do her chores and now she must pay back. Ashley gets to work licking and sucking on Summer’s toes, then switches feet. Working over the second a little better than the first. Until… Maria comes in and wants some of that good loving too. After getting comfortable. she pushes her feet in Ashley’s face for some attention. She gets to work on Maria’s plump toes. Working the first foot, then the next. Ashley is tired of being dominated, and decides it’s her turn. She stands up, and one by one kisses Maria, then Summer before throwing them each on the bed… Ashley then grabs 4 feet, and twenty toes, and gets to work licking and sucking on them. Maria and Summer are enjoying their tongue bath as Ashley works them over good. This three way ends in all the girls kissing. Nice.


  • Come Join Us – Becky, Onika & Monica

    Another nice one from the ladies in this clip for hot foot worship the way it should be done. Onika and Monica are chillin’, and before you know it foot talk turns to foot tasting. Monica can’t resist Onika’s tiny little feet and painted tootsies. Onika enjoys a good foot loving, and you can see her reactions in the background. After a good foot loving, she decides to give back what she has received and starts in on Monica’s big feet… Onika can suck a mean toe, and the girls get into some hot DOUBLE FOOT WORSHIP. You get some soles in your face, as well as toe top close ups of these lovelies deep throating each other’s big toes. Becky then walks in and wonders what they hell is going on here?!!? Onika tells her about the new THING Monica has shown her. The girls tell her to get comfortable, and Becky climbs up on the bed, and each girl grabs a foot and in no time they are double big toe deep throating right in your face… Becky is in the background and enjoying the feeling of her girlfriends sucking on her feet, and working those plump toes and meaty soles. Damn Onika and Monica know how to work it, that’s for sure. You get some nice shots of Becky in the background with her meaty soles in your face, and two hot toe sucking babes attached to her big toes. The girls then spread eagle Monica and get into sucking on her big feet. I love Monica’s facial expressions as her eyes roll back in her head, she closes her eyes and moans. She is always up for foot love, and two at one is heavenly. Both for her feeling, and us watching. Enjoy!


  • Shana – Sasha – Marie

    Shana is sleeping, and in walks Sasha. She starts tickling her feet, then sucks, and bites ‘em before climbing on the bed. In walks Marie who holds down Shana while Sasha tickles, licks, and sucks on Shana’s toes and feet. Not wanting to be left out, Marie and Sasha start sucking on each others toes while Shana watches. Then Marie holds down Shana while Sasha works over her feet, and good… licking her toes, biting and sucking on her heels and toes. Mixing in the occasional tickle of Shana’s soft soles. Sasha is still working Shana’s feet like a pro. Every inch is licked, sucked or nibbled. Sasha is really getting into it, while she occasionally looks at the camera. Having enough of this, Shana turns the tables, and flips Sasha around. Holding her down while Marie works over Sasha feet and toes. She doesn’t put up much of a fight as Marie works over her big toes, feet, and soles. After a nice three way foot worship set, the series ends with all girls lining up on the bed next to each other, and playing a quick game of footsies, while we zoom in for the close ups.


  • McDreamy Toe Love – Lynn, Jamie & Sasha

    Something for everyone in this hot clip. It start out with Lynn lying on the bed in the pose, and in come Jaime, and Sasha. In no time they are sucking on Lynn’s cute little toes, and licking up her soles. Sasha and Jaime take turns double teaming each other’s foot. First Jaime joins in with Sasha working the right foot, then they both move to the left. Nothing quite as hot as two lovelies sharing a single foot, and worshipping the hell out of it… Now it’s Sasha’s turn. She lies down on her back, and Jaime and Lynn each grab a foot and go to work. You get some nice IN YOUR FACE foot close ups as the girls suck and lick on Sasha’s feet. In between toes, and licking up soles. Nothing’s missed, and you have Sasha’s sexy deep voice egging them on, and facial expressions as the icing on the cake… Now it’s Jaime’s turn. I have to admit even I enjoy watching Jaime getting her toes sucked. She is still fairly new, but she gets into it as much as Sasha, Carmen and some of our other girls who ABSOOLUTELY LOVE having their toes sucked. Or I should say, enjoy as much or moreso receiving as giving. You get some nice talk, and facial expressions in the background, and nice plump toes, and soft soles in your face! This hot action ends in a three way kiss between these beauties. You’re sure toe enjoy!


  • Sleepy, Socks, Sole, Stocking, Suck – Amy, Mackenzie & Sasha

    Amy is passed out on the bed, and in walk Sasha and Mackenzie. Leaving no toe unworshipped they get down on their knees, and start rubbing and kissing on Amy’s sock covered feet before slowly pulling them off not to wake her. They inch them off, before finally getting them off with their teeth. You then get a nice SOLES FACE UP DOUBLE FOOT WORSHIP as Mackenzie and Sasha gobble on those long toes, and sexy soft feet. Amy eventually wakes up to ask what they are doing. They flip her over, and return to snacking on those toes. The SOLE IN YOUR FACE worship as they gang up on a foot, and you get the reaction shots in this are FUCKING KILLER. We manage to get them with each girl!… The girls finish up worshipping on Amy, and now it’s Mackenzie’s turn. She gets comfortable, and they comment on her cute socks. They kiss on them a bit first, and then slowly pull them off, using their teeth! Mackenzie has some unique feet. She has those ultra soft sole, and those plump little chubby toes that you just want to have in your mouth, or crotch. In this case Amy and Sasha give you some kick ass sucking of those gumdrops… They again tag team on one foot for some sexy worship before the attention turns to Sasha. She is in stockings, so you get some stocking worship for a bit before the girls kiss up her leg and inch off those stockings. They then get to work deep throating those big toes as Sasha coos in the background. They AGAIN DOUBLE TOE TAG those CHOPPAS for your viewing pleasure. If you made it this far, I’ll be impressed. This clip is another one to guaranteed to give you lift off. The girls are slow and toe tease you as they remove the socks from one another so you get that added anticipation as they kiss on the socks, and then pull them off with their teeth. Then the double toe tagging on one foot from two lovelies, and those soles right up in your face… Yum Yum!


  • Suck a Mean Toe – Misty & Maria

    Now as you can imagine, I’ve watched a lot of foot worship scenes between our own, and others over the years. But I can honestly say watching these two sucking each other’s feet, and big toes even gave me LIFT OFF. Maria and Misty know how to really SUCK A MEAN TOE. Let’s get started. Misty is lying on the bed in a pair of white sheer stockings. She is quickly joined by Maria who appreciates how her toes and soles look in those nylons. In no time Maria has them in her mouth. Misty has come to enjoy getting her feet worshipped since she started working for us, and it shows. Maria really works those stocking feet as she moves from one to the other. She then kisses up Misty’s leg to remove one of her stockings, and get her tongue on those bare soles… Maria doesn’t miss and inch from soles to toe tops, and everywhere in between. She repeats the performance as she kisses up the next leg, removes the stocking, and gets to work. Misty wants in on the good loving, and in what I think is quickly becoming her patented move, she take BOTH Maria’s big toes in her mouth AT THE SAME TIME!! Fucking AWESOME!… After some stocking loving on those nude colored sheer stockings, she removes on to get those plump Maria toes in her mouth. She puts a nice loving lick on those soft soles before moving on to the next foot. Again, working with the stocking on before getting down TOE BUSINESS on those bare feet and soles. Licking in between and deep throating those big toes. Maria and Misty tend to do this in all of their scenes, but watching two deep throat toe sucker is enough to push YOU over the edge. Enjoy!


  • Maria & Monica – First Timer

    This was released backwards, and had fallen out of sequence but you are sure to enjoy all the same. This is Marias first foot worship session when she came to model for us. We paired her with a foot loving pro, Monica. Maria is waiting anxiously in the bedroom for Monica who is going to give her some female foot worship. Monica comes in, and taking it easy with her new friend slowly massages then kisses her feet, and licks her soles… Now that she has eased her friend to the power of the footplay, she gets a bit more bold with the foot worship, licking between her toes, and sucking on her digits… Marias a bit ticklish, but from her facial expressions you can see she is definitely enjoying Monica’s tongue on her tootsies… Monica, naughty as always takes Marias feet and rubs them on her chest before the twosome change positions. You can see how nervous Maria is at first working Monica’s long toes and feet. She slowly eases into it before going full out sucking her toes. Monica loving a good foot worship rubs her feet on Marias legs as she tongues her toes. You never know how a first time session will turn out, but this one is sure not to disappoint!


  • You Lose. Lick It. – Amy & Sasha

    Amy and Sasha had a bet going on a playoff game. With football season, it would seem everyone has a stake on it. Well needless to say, Sasha loses. So Amy tells her what she has to do. Suck a mean one. Well for some people this would be punishment. But for Sasha, it’s all pleasure as you can tell from the loving passionate foot lick she puts on Amy’s wrinkled soles, and long toes. It starts out with her peeling off those socks to get to those sexy fire engine red tootsies. In no time Sasha is deep throating those big toes… You get some KILLER FUCKING angles of those wrinkled soles as they are up IN YOUR FACE and worshipped. Then Amy decides to join in the foot fun. She grabs Sasha’s foot and swallows down that big toe! She gives all of them equal attention as she works toes and soles. Again, the DOUBLE TOE SUCKING action angles are KILLER as they both go to work on the sexy feet before closing this out with a kiss. Mmmmm I think Sasha actually WON this bet, regardless of the game. Don’t you?