• Rachelle – Breaking In the New Girl with Maria

    Rachelle is a cute, 21 year old, new model who we had the pleasure of being able to get. She is a bit shy at first coming in, but she is sexy head to toes. So we had to get one of the more experienced girls to break her into the foot loving. In comes Maria to do that. After some small talk, she plays with Rachelle’s feet briefly before getting her tongue to work on those sexy feet and soft soles… After giving some good loving to the first foot, Maria moves on to the next. The sole IN YOUR FACE foot loving shots are awesome, but whether shot from the top, or bottom, her feet are chiseled by the gods. Maria gives them a good toe sucking, much like you would if you were there. Yum!


  • Stocking Romance – Misty, Sasha & Maria

    This is a hot clip, not only because you have the three beauties Sasha, Maria, and new girl Misty. But because of the slow sensual way they really get into sucking on each others’ stocking, and bare toes. They take their time working those nylon covered feet, but put in the same or better effort once bare. Let’s get started. Maria is laying on the bed, and in comes her girlfriend. They push Maria face down on the bed, and get into a position to sucking on her sheer white stocking covered toes. From this angle, you get some nice sole views, but at the same time Sasha and Misty really wok over Maria’s plump fire engine red toes… Now the girl remove those white stockings so they can get to licking and loving on those soft Maria soles. Watching these two in the same shot working her feet is HOT! After a good tongue bath, Misty pushes Sasha down on her back and says it’s her turn. Now Maria grabs a foot, as does Misty and they get to work sucking on her nude colored stocking covered toes. Sasha is really enjoying it, and her new girlfriend Misty… The girls lick up Sasha’s leg, and pull of her stockings. Maria does so with her teeth! Now Misty and Maria get those tender Sasha toes and soles in their mouth. They work their tongue between her toes, and up her soles. You get a nice double toe sucking action shot with Sasha’s face in the background so you can see her reactions as they tasty tongue lick her feet. Now it’s Misty’s turn. She gets comfortable as Sasha, and Maria waste no time getting her fishnet covered toes in their mouths… Sasha and Maria give her fishnet feet a solid worship before peeling them off and getting to work on her sexy feet. This is awesome for a lot of reason. First, Misty’s facial expressions in the background. Secondly, her soles RIGHT IN YOUR FACE as Sasha and Misty suck on her toes, their tongues snaking between her toes, even doing DOUBLE DUTY on the same foot. Misty is definitely enjoying it. Before working for us she never had her toes sucked by anyone, much less to beautiful women who define foot worship. This hot scene ends in a three way kiss, and footsies. You WILL enjoy! ;)  MistySashaMaria001N-1

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  • Show Me Your Feet – Jillian & Renee

    Renee is showing Jillian a house, and going through describing the many FEETures, but Jillian is only interested in Renee’s FEET. So she grabs her papers, and sets them down. She pushes Renee into the chair, and tells her about what she really wants as she removes her shows. She gets comfy and starts a loving lick on those meaty big toes. After a loving lick on some stocking toes, she peels it off to deep throat those plump toes, and lick up the sole… She then moves on to the next one. Renee compliments her foot worship skills, and Jillian gets to work on the second foot. Stocking on, then offer. She even DOUBLE BARRELS THE BIG TOES!! Wow! Renee decides she wants TOE get in on the action. She puts Jillian up on the table, and in no time is licking and loving those wiggling toes… One thing I love about Jillian is she knows what foot guys wanna see as she spreads and curls her toes while Renee’s tongue is working it’s magic. She then moves on to the next foot, and you get some more soles in your face, and hot worship action. I think Renee could suck polish off toes. She also treats you to a DOUBLE BARREL sucking. Cha-CHING! Jillian says she will by the house if Renee and her toes come with it. JillianRenee001N-1

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  • Breaking In the New Girl – Amy with Sasha

    Amy is a really shy, and soft spoken real life friend of Sasha. She had brought her in for some foot loving. This was the first time she had anyone really massage her feet, much less suck on them. As you know, Sasha will break them in properly as she joins Amy on the bed. They make some small talk, and in no time those feet are in her mouth. For being such a small girl, Amy has some big feet for her height. She has some of the most wrinkled soles I’ve ever seen… Painted fire engine red, those long almost monkey like toes are sexy. Watching Sasha work them with Amy’s first time foot loving and Amy’s reactions in the background are always fun to see with new girls. Sasha does her usual. Asking them how they like it, and if it feels good. Look out for more of this wrinkled sole cutie in the upcoming weeks!

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  • I love toes.

    Painted toes, pointed toes, pretty toes, sexy toes…


    I love to suck toes, I love to lick toes, I love to fuck toes, I love to feel toes all over my face…



  • Sasha – Breaking in the New Girl with Misty

    Misty is a super cute, 19 year old, who is one of our newest models. She had never been with another girl, or had her toes sucked before coming to work for us. But we know how to break ‘em in right as you’ll see in this series. Misty’s waiting for Sasha to pay her in a visit. She doesn’t have to wait long, in comes Sasha to meet her new playmate. In no time she is comfortable and has those size 8 feet in her mouth. Working those toes and soles. Misty said after the fact that she was a little in awe, and shocked since she had never done anything like this before, but in no time she is enjoying her tongue bath… Sasha changes up feet, and you get some nice IN YOUR FACE sole shots as Sasha’s tongue work between her toes, and lick up those soles. You get some nice reaction shots of Misty watching Sasha worship those sexy feet. Sasha even take BOTH big toes in her mouth at ONCE!! AWESOME!! Step one of breaking in the new girl is done.


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  • Get Down TOEnight – Misty & Sasha

    I love these scenes on the table for a lot of reasons. The biggest one is the killer in your eye toe licking sole shots you can get, and the ease of getting all the action in one long shot. That said, Misty has come along nicely to learning to appreciate her foot friends. This is another example as the SPICE is added. Sasha and Misty really get into kissing on each other, among other things, and worshipping those toes. It starts out with Sasha pushing Misty on the table. You see in the background just how much Misty has come along to enjoying her toe tongue bathes, and Sasha is into Misty, and her feet. She licks, sucks, and worships those feet with a vengeance… Now it’s Misty’s turn to return the toe love. In some of the best posted foot worship thus far, you see just how much she gets into returning the love. Looking at Sasha’s facial expressions as she is more than enjoying her tongue licking on her soles, and between her toes. Sasha gets a big frisky putting her feet on Misty’s chest, and even running her foot along the side of her torso, lifting her shirt a big before moving to the front, and along her tummy. This gets Misty even more feverish as she licks on Sasha’s toes so much, you see saliva on those big toes. This ends in the girls kissing, and rubbing on each other to close it out. This is frisky foot love at its finest. Enjoy.


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  • Dreamy Stockings – Allie & Monica

    Going into this shoot, this was one thing I was looking forward to… Allie being paired with Monica, and the loving lick these two would put on one another. Especially with Monica, if you have caught any of her other clips. You know she will REV UP all the action to a higher notch of toe love then you might normally get. This is no different. You get a lot of sexy talking in this, so let’s get started. Allie comes in, and Monica remarks on those sexy feet, and stockings. She throws Allie up on the bed, and wastes no time remarking on her sexy face and feet. She then gets to licking and sucking on those sheer white stocking long toes of Allie before peeling off the first one so she can get her tongue between those long toes, and mouth wrapped around that big toe… Monica makes quick work of that other stocking, and get that one down to bare as well. After some nice killer shots of those soft soles of Allie, Monica kneels down at the end of the bed, and puts in a good loving lick on them. Allie said it’s time to switch it around, and she gets to licking on those fishnet soles. She peels off one of Monica’s stockings and gets sucking on those toes… Monica gives a lot of sexy talk while Allie works on Monica’s big feet, and pink toes. You get some wiggling as Allie licks on those sexy feet. Jaime pulls up both feet to work those big toes… Allie switches back and forth to give some equal foot worship on both feet to make sure that a high quality foot sucking is returned back on Monica. Monica even does her typical toes on chest tricks, before Allie gets back to foot sucking. They close this sexy foot loving fest with some making out. WOW!!!

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  • Lazy Ass Foot Worship – Becky, Chelsea & Monica

    Monica comes home from a hard day’s work, and left Becky and Chelsea alone to do some chores. Imagine her frustration when she comes home to a filthy house. Even worse, the girls are sleeping. Monica barges in, wakes them up and confronts them. They admit to being lazy, and offer a way to make it up to her with foot worship. Monica’s all about that. She loves having her big feet, and soft meaty soles worshipped by two lovely ladies… Monica’s sexy talk always adds a bit of LIFT OFF to your johnson as she whispers hot foot loving suggestions to her lovers. Mmmm I like that. Suck those toes. Yeah bite ‘em. Whew! That kinda of stuff always makes me hot, then you mix in two honeys who can suck a mean toe and you have one hot scene… Monica switches is up, and decides to reward her lovers in kind for the hot sucking they delivered on her tootsies. She grabs a foot from each of them in some of the hottest worship you’ve seen licks up and down those soles. Watch Chelsea’s toes curl as it tickles. Also Monica is not shy about sucking a toe, and devours those big toes on the one foot, then the second. Only YOU could do it better… Monica switches to the next foot, and you get some of those KILLER sole views as she worships each foot. Chelsea and Becky interlock their toes while Monica sucks away. You get some more long passionate sole slurping licks on their feet. Chelsea’s kinda ticklish, and Becky is enjoying the show before Monica returns to her feet. Monica then puts their feet together and takes both feet, and TAKES BOTH BIG TOES IN HER MOUTH AT ONCE!! Talk about SCH-WING! This is a hot scene for the amount of variety, angles, and full on foot slurping loving for your pleasure. This is a keeper. Enjoy!


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